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How does SEO really work?

Take a moment and listen to the Founder of SEO Agency Pro explain in simple terms how SEO really works. The importance of Internet Marketing! In today’s market place you must be in front of your client when they seek you out online!

What does it cost to aquire a new client ?

How does the new model really work? What is the cost difference between traditional advertising and internet marketing? What is a Cost per Acquisition? Keeping track of your CPA is a sure fire way to increase both revenue and net profit. Learn how to squeeze $20 bucks out of a five dollar bill.

How do target your potential client?

The Founder of Goal Clicks Alan Palange answers questions concerning the approach of Laser targeting your potential client. Internet Marketing allows just that.

Build it and they will come, Not anymore!

SEO Agency Pro founder explains the importance of having website.

Great video, gets right to the point….You MUST be on-line!

I think I married a Moron. Why Internet Marketing must be part of your advertising campaign.

PR News – The Wild West