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As an SEO Agency we understand how many calls you get from other SEO guys promising the World. It seems they will light the World on fire for just $49 per month. Really, $49 a month with only $300 down? I always ask other business people what kind of advertising they do and how much they spend. To think it would be possible to spend $49 a month and get any results would be plain silly. Anyone who has undertaken any type of advertising campaign knows two things; first, each campaign needs time to take hold and the amount you spend is normally a direct correlation to what you may expect to get out of the campaign.

So what’s with all this Internet advertising you have been hearing so much about? Actually it’s really simple. People look for products and services all the time online. Yellow pages? When is the last time you picked one up? So the question is how to get exposure in front of those people that are actively searching online for your product or service. Having a page one Google placement in the organic section is where its at. Not the paid section known as a PPC (pay per click) campaign, any SEO Agency can do that. The center section of the page with a listing between numbers one and ten (there are ten listings on the page).  And this becomes the tricky part, each and every SEO Agency out there will tell you they will get the job done. Everyone is now some kind of Internet guru so it seems. We are the only Internet SEO Agency that charges nothing upfront and will only ask you for your first payment after we have performed as listed just below. Now,  whats that tell you?

SEO Agency is the only SEO Company we know of in the United States that will Guarantee our services. We will not charge you one penny of your monthly SEO fees until we are successful and provide you with the following services;

  • Page One Google Guaranteed for your business.
  • We guarantee that your business will appear on page one Organically.
  • Our SEO Agency will build you a beautiful five page website. Click here to see examples.
  • Google Maps placement included with all packages.
  • Development and publication of a FaceBook and Twitter account for your business.
  • Stand alone You Tube campaign for your business.

Become a client and join the many other businesses around the United States that trust their Internet marketing to SEO Agency Pro. We have been serving clients since 2009 and have recently developed a local organic placement program for small businesses around the United States that is the most affordable and proven program in the industry. Achieving page one placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing  for your business will prove to be the best marketing dollars you will ever spent. You will not become the next amazon but you will have great Internet exposure and add revenue to your business.

SEO Company Available Packages

Working with a professional SEO Agency which is A rated with the Better Business Bureau, Guarantees it’s services and has worked with hundreds of clients is not typical in this industry. Our SEO Agency will take all of our knowledge we have experienced on a national level and apply it to your local campaign. If you desire to work with a legitimate SEO  Agency and understand the impact of Page One placement call us at (516) 531-3715 for a no hassle consultation.

The days of print advertising are close to being dead. Properly Driven, Targeted Web Traffic is the key to your online success. SEO Agency Pro is a Established SEO Agency and will show you how to maximize your return on investment (ROI) through organic, natural search engine results. SEO Agency Pro guarantees page one placement for all regional & National campaigns on Google or you receive a complete refund. Your monthly SEO maintenance fee won’t start until you are on page one of Google. As a professional SEO Agency we pride ourselves as a leader in the industry. Call a SEO Agency Pro consultant and ask about our pay for performance model. Speak with a SEO consultant for a free consultation concerning Keyword Analysis, Website Review, Website Design and Hosting. Call today: (516) 531-3715.

As a Professional SEO Agency we will show you how to target your potential client through online marketing. Grab your client at the precise moment they have a need and desire to seek you out. It is a known fact 85% of all major purchases have been followed by the client performing online research. Think of your own habits, how many times have you searched for something online? Received your results on page one and then called the business? That’s the point, our SEO Company will get your business front and center to insure your clients find you when they have a need for your product or service.

We use this online market place to find out where the best sushi place may be or to research the best possible hardware, software, doctors, veterinarians and the list goes on and on. Having Goal Clicks perform for you will insure that you are getting in front of your audience, if not you pay nothing! How’s that for a guarantee? Getting placement on page one of Google is a substantial advantage over your competition and a sure fired way to increase revenue. We have not found any other SEO Agency that offers the kind of guarantee you will find with SEO Agency Pro.

A SEO Agency that Stands Apart from the Crowd

If you truly want to experience straight talk when it comes to SEO you must call us today. It’s funny, when you have nothing to hide, and proven results within the SEO Industry it changes your entire approach to prospective clients. SEO Agency Pro has built it’s reputation by providing excellent service and standing behind our SEO Services. We have an open door policy, we realize each call may not turn into a sale, as such we will take the time to explain our various SEO Packages and see if we have a fit that works for you. If nothing else we will certainly educate you about SEO and how Internet Marketing can help your business.

As SEO Agency Pro takes the risk out of SEO why not ring us up, talk to a SEO Consultant and see if we can help your business with a Local SEO Service. If your needs are National in scope we have some extremely aggressive programs that are truly unique in the SEO business and certainly will surprise you. We have been at this game for three years and will most likely have the answers you needs as it relates to all matters involving Internet Marketing.

Guaranteed SEO Services

A Professional SEO Agency, your answer to online SEO success!

  1. Call today and see how SEO Agency Pro stands apart from any other SEO Company you will talk to.
  2. We have Hundreds of clients that are achieving on line Internet exposure through one of our varied programs.
  3. We are the Only SEO Agency we know of that puts our guarantee in writing, if we do not perform as contracted you pay no monthly fees!
  4. We have many varied SEO Agency packages to fit almost any budget starting at $99 per month.
  5. Ask other SEO Agency Pro’s clients just how fast they appeared on page one of Google. References are available upon request.

Call us today to get started immediately

(516) 531-3715

We will have your site built within five business days and on page one of Google, Yahoo & Bing thirty days later


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